Make selling solar simple with an instant AI-powered design tool & interactive 3D solar designs.

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Why choose Aerialytic Embed?

  • Drive more sales with less work 
  • Reduce your customer acquisition cost 
  • Enable homeowners to qualify themselves 
  • Personalize a homeowner’s shopping experience 
  • Differentiate yourself in a crowded solar sales market
  • Streamline your lead qualification process 
  • Effortlessly prioritize your sales and lead nurture pipeline
  • Reduce your overhead cost and team structure 
  • Create win: win outcomes for you and your sales team
  • Empower your team to sell more, faster and easier
  • Improve company morale and culture


How to use Aerialytic Embed?

Supercharge Your Solar Software

Enhance your solar software with our versatile iFrames. Seamlessly integrate our Designer or Proposal iFrame into your software to provide your customers with instant and accurate solar design & proposal generation functionalities.

Empower Your Canvassing Efforts

Amplify your D2D sales with our game-changing Designer iFrame. Empower your sales reps to provide homeowners with instant, customized solar designs right at their doorsteps. Captivate attention, build trust, and drive higher conversion rates.

Easily Generate & Quality Website Leads

Add Aerialytic Embed onto your website and transform it into an interactive solar design hub. Turn website visitors into customers with instant home and shading visualizations, accurate measurements, and a personalized solar shopping experience that communicates their savings to them on the spot.

Drive More Sales with Interactive Phone Calls

Increase sales from your outbound cold-calling efforts by communicating solar savings potential to homeowners on the spot, and guiding them through their personalized solar design. Boost your sales effectiveness, showcase savings on the spot, and leave a lasting impression.


Autonomous Solar Design Revolutionized

Discover the perfect blend of AI and solar technology, powering end-to-end solar design autonomously.

Unleash the Potential of Lead Generation.

Imagine showing homeowners the future of their energy savings. With our Lead Gen, you're not just selling solar solutions; you're painting a brighter, sustainable future.